Adjustable height satellite speaker floor stands mount Goodbracket

●Height Customization: allows for perfect speaker positioning at the preferred listening height
●Two-Part Pole Structure: designed for economical shipping and storage
●Heavy-Duty Base: guarantees stability and minimizes secondary audio vibrations
●Carpet Spikes: ensure a firm stand on a variety of surfaces
●Manual Release Function: simplifies the process of adjusting height
●Built-In Cable Management: hidden within the column for an organized and cable-free appearance
●Rubber Foot Pads: provide grip and protection against floor damage

Additional information

Cable Management:






Surface Finish:

Powder Coating

Product details:

The Speaker Stands provide a variety of mounting solutions to suit different types of speakers, such as satellite speakers and compact bookshelf speakers. They feature a manual clutch release for rapid changes in height. The robust and stable base is equipped with steel spikes for carpeted surfaces and rubber pads for wooden and tiled floors, ensuring stability while acoustically separating the stands from the floor. The stands also incorporate hidden cable management for a tidy and organized appearance. stretchable folding pole design reduces packaging size for lower shipping costs and storage fees.


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