Gas Spring Monitor Arm desk mount Factory direct sales China GB-GS1A015

●Gas Spring Mechanism: Facilitates simple vertical adjustments
●Keyhole Design: Simplifies the installation process
●Flexible Tilting Capability: Provides a variety of viewing angles
●Integrated Spring Tension System: Ensures optimal balance and weight distribution
●Conveniently Positioned USB 2.0 and Multimedia Ports: Enhances accessibility
●Cable Organization Feature: Maintains a neat and orderly workspace

Additional information



Cable Management:




Fit Curved TV:




Fit Screen Size:


Mounting Hole Pattern:

VESA & Universal

Max. Mounting Hole:


Surface Finish:

Powder Coating



Swivel Range:


Weight Capacity:

2~9kg (4.4lbs~19.8lbs)

Product details:

In response to the emerging trend of larger screens, this GB-GS1A015  gas spring arm monitor mount is an excellent addition to your core product range. It offers great value with its affordable price point and multitude of features. The VESA plate’s keyhole pattern facilitates effortless attachment and detachment, while the adjustable spring tension mechanism ensures a secure and custom fit for any screen. Quick-release joint simplifies assembly and packaging, contributing to an efficient workflow.

The thoughtfully designed base comes equipped with a USB-A port and multimedia ports, enabling convenient charging and audio engagement. The gas spring-assisted mechanism allows for easy vertical movement, and the built-in spring tension mechanism ensures optimal weight adjustment. The keyhole pattern offers ease of installation, while the free-tilting design facilitates diverse viewing angles. The inclusion of cable management ensures a neat and orderly workspace.


The gas spring arm, often referred to as a gas spring monitor arm or mount, is a device designed to support and adjust the position of monitors or screens. Here’s a more detailed introduction:

Gas spring arms utilize a built-in pneumatic mechanism, providing an adjustable force that can be easily tailored to the weight of the monitor. This allows for smooth, easy adjustments of the monitor’s position in all directions – up, down, left, right, forward, and back. Furthermore, many models feature a keyhole pattern for easy installation, a free-tilting design for various viewing experiences, built-in cable management to keep the workspace tidy, and sometimes even integrated USB or multimedia ports for added convenience.

**Development History:**
Gas spring arms evolved from the earlier mechanical monitor arms as a response to the need for more flexible and ergonomic office solutions. The advent of flat panel LCD monitors, which were lighter and thinner than their CRT predecessors, allowed for the development of these adjustable arms. The gas spring technology itself has been around for several decades and is also used in various other applications, such as in automotive struts and office chairs.

Gas spring arms can be classified based on various criteria, including their mounting style (desk clamp, grommet, wall mount, etc.), number of arms (single or dual), weight capacity, and additional features (such as integrated USB ports). Some models are specifically designed for certain types of screens or specific usage scenarios.

**Usage Scenarios:**
Gas spring arms are commonly used in office environments, where they can help reduce desk clutter, improve posture, and provide a more comfortable viewing position. They’re also used in home offices, gaming setups, studios, and anywhere else where screens are used. Some specialized models are used in healthcare or industrial settings.

**Future Prospects:**
With the increasing focus on ergonomics in the workplace and the continuing trend towards multiple monitor setups, the demand for gas spring arms is expected to continue growing. Innovations may include further integration of technology, such as wireless charging pads or IoT connectivity, and designs that are even more customizable and adaptable to individual needs.


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